Annual Report of the Collegium Mediterranistarum

XXIV (2001)

  • Momoe KANAZAWA, The Iconography of the Classical Sea Monster ‘Cetus’ and the Birth of Dragons: A Study of Sea Monsters in the Tapestry of Creation in Girona.
  • Makoto KATO, Creating bastides in South-West France: A Case in Agenais between the 13th and 14th Century.
  • Utako KURIHARA, Une Étude La Chute de la maison Usher de Claude Debussy: Autour de son acceptation d’Edgar Allan Poe.
  • Chihiro NAGATA, Spina and the Activity of the Etruscans: Intercultural Relations in the Northern Mediterranean Region before the Roman Control.
  • Kazumi NUKUI, « El Triunfo de Baco » de Velázquez: la influencia de sus bodegones y la intención del pintor.
  • Yoshie KOJIMA, [Book Review] E. Castelnuovo, La cattedrale tascabile: Scritti di storia dell’arte.

Mainly used language is Japanese, but with summary in European languages except some articles(*) and book reviews.
Abbreviation - E.: in English, F.: in French, G.: in German, I.: in Italian

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