Annual Report of the Collegium Mediterranistarum

XXXIII (2010)

  • Toshihiro ABE, The Relationship between Lords and Peasants in the Frontier of the County of Barcelona in 12th Century: A Case of Region of Tortosa.
  • Yoichi KAJIWARA, Les facultés de théologie et les ordres mendiants dans le Midi à la fin du Moyen Âge: exemples de Toulouse et de Montpellier.
  • Fumika ARAKI, Reinterpretazione della Cappella Carafa di Filippino Lippi: Il committente come protettore della Castità.
  • Tomoe HAMAZAKI, The Formation of the Republic of Turkey and Its Music: Focusing on the Issue of “Harmonization” of Turkish Folk Songs.
  • Yuko TAKAHASHI, Recent Surveys and Studies about Early Iron Age of Greece: 2000-2009.
  • Jun YAMADA, [Book Review] Y. Fujii, A Study of Iconography on Roman Glass around the 4th Century.
  • Keiko OTA, [Book Review] M. Kisaichi, Maghrib Societies and Saint Worship in the Middle Ages.

Mainly used language is Japanese, but with summary in European languages except some articles(*) and book reviews.
Abbreviation - E.: in English, F.: in French, G.: in German, I.: in Italian

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