Annual Report of the Collegium Mediterranistarum

XVII (1994)

  • Toshihiro OSADA, Beitrag zum Studium des Frieses vom Reiterdenkmal des Aemilius Paullus.
  • Tomoyuki MASUDA, The Island of Agioi Nikolaoi — A Byzantine City in Lycia and the Early Cult of St. Nicholas.
  • Koh SUENAGA, The Woodcut Illustrations of Five Editions of Vitruvius’s Ten Books on Architecture Publishied in the Sixteenth Century in Italy.
  • Yasuhiro OHTSUKI, [Book Review] Hiroshi TAKAYAMA, The Medieval Mediterranean and the Kingdom of Sicily.

Mainly used language is Japanese, but with summary in European languages except some articles(*) and book reviews.
Abbreviation - E.: in English, F.: in French, G.: in German, I.: in Italian

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