Annual Report of the Collegium Mediterranistarum

XV (1992)

  • Rui NAKAMURA, The Dual Structure of the Odyssey Frieze. (E.)
  • Hidemi TAKAHASHI, References to the Blessed Virgin Mary in Eary Christian Latin Verse. (E.)
  • Keiko OHTA, Movement of Moutain Folk in the Eleventh Century — Nasr b. Musaraf al-Rawadifi.
  • Yo TOKUHASHI, Libri di Ricordanze dei mercanti italiani nel Medioevo.
  • Satoshi OKADA, Lodoli and Piranesi in Parere su l’Architettura.
  • Keiji BABA, [Book Review] Pausanias’ Description of Greece, Transl. by K. Iio.
  • Keiko TAKAKI, [Book Review] E. Gellner, Muslim Society.

Mainly used language is Japanese, but with summary in European languages except some articles(*) and book reviews.
Abbreviation - E.: in English, F.: in French, G.: in German, I.: in Italian

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